Multi Route Audio in Vjay just like Djay

I just recently upgrade to the new version of Djay and I must say that multi route audio worked like a charm. Now it would be great to bring the same feature to Vjay. That way I can use the digital audio out from the HDMI adapter to a Ditgital to Analog converter and then to a PA system.

This would allow me to send the video signal to a Monitor or projector, the Main (mixed) Audio to PA system and the cue output to the headphones all in stereo.

In the current configuration I have to use the split cue capability and send mono audio to the PA system.

If the multi-route audio is implemented, even in a basic configuration I would be able to send stereo cue out to headphones, stereo main out via HDMI connection to video monitor and then take a stereo output from the monitor to the PA system.