Multi-Touch Operations

in the link above, I recorded a short video showing how I am unable to press the play button and the reverb effect at the same time. It would be nice if two buttons or more could be pressed at once. is this an iPad limitation or a software limitation?

On the video you can’t see which buttons you press at the same time. A video of your hands instead of a screen recording would be a better idea. But basically it should work, at least for me it works to press and activate the button for the desired effect and play at the same time.

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Great point, here’s the video.

For me it works as it should (I think). But I also seem to have a different version of Djay Pro, at least I don’t have round CUE buttons at the bottom. Maybe it is also related to that.
But maybe I didn’t understand the problem behind it. Sorry if I ask again, but what exactly should happen when both buttons are pressed?

Multitouch is working both on my iPhone and iPad currently, both running the latest version of djay on the latest version of iOS.

my expectation is that when I press two buttons at once, both of those buttons function. my video shows that is not the case, maybe it would make more sense if I made another video?

I would like the ability to activate both functions at once, in this case, it is the cue button and the effect.

are you sure? It might seem like it is, but on closer inspection, it actually isn’t. i’m not saying that’s the case for you, just suggesting that it is possible.

Yepp. Multitouch works on buttons and faders. I can even hit three at once.

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When you do it rapidly, does it still work?

I still can’t figure out what you’re trying to accomplish by pressing CUE and FX at the same time. CUE starts the song at the cue point - but so does pressing FX, just with the corresponding effect. So why both at the same time?

Yes it does when used rapidly

It’s just an example showing how multitouch does not work for me. I am able to adjust volume slider and effects at the same time but cue and effects I am not. There are times when I might want to hit cue and effects at the same time during a performance.