Multiple External Monitors in video mode

I would like to get insights.
I have macbook pro 2013 with the dj pro 2 in video mode.
I plan to use it in a session with 3 external monitors/projectors along side with other source devices such as another laptop and ipads.

My set up will be macbook–minidisplay port to vga adapter–video switcher(where other sources such as other laptops and ipads are also conected) --video splitter—3 diff brands of projectors.

is it possible to do this? i know that video output mode in dj pro2 allows you to chose which output monitor will you be using. but in this case that im on a splitter, can i just output them all to 3 projectors?

I’ve done exactly that, but with LCD screens and projectors…super easy…and you should be able to get good intel from YouTube on best products to support that setup.