Multiple midi commands simultaneously

Is there a way to assign a knob on the controller to control the intensity of all effects currently activated on the respective deck?
In general, it would be good to be able to send multiple midi commands simultaneously with one knob or slider.
I have unfortunately found nothing corresponding in the options (Djay Pro AI, iOS).

This can be solved placing control apps like Max by cyclic74 between your hardware and djay pro but there’s a fair bit to learn

Thanks for the tip, but that falls out for me as I only work with the iPad.
But in the meantime I have dealt with it a little bit and made some manual changes directly in the mapping file with a plist editor, so now for now most of it works as I imagined.
This also requires some work and learning, but I’ve done this before, so a lot of it at least seemed familiar to me. :slight_smile:

You can duplicate any midi mapping (swipe the according control mapping left and hit duplicate) and set the added mappings to whatever you want to control additionally. Then repeat the process for all decks. I control multiple fx parameters with one knob like that so I know it works just as expected.

If you not familiar with the midi mapping you find it in Settings->MIDI-Devices->Your Controller. Then you press/move the button/knob and the editor will scroll to the assigned mapping.

Wow! That’s a great tip! This makes the whole thing much easier and also safer, because if you make changes directly in the file itself, you have also quickly inserted or deleted a character too much and the entire setup no longer runs.
Is that also documented somewhere? If so, I have not found that, if not that should be urgently recorded!
So, thank you very much!

Have a look at 5.17.2 in the manual.
Sending one control signal to more than one receiving channel is easy and works very well for me.
I use it for stuff like fader start.
If you intend to do more advanced tricks you might have a look at an app called MidiFire.

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Fader start also works for me by pressing shift and moving the fader up

Thanks, I’ll take a look at it all!:+1:

True, but my third hand for the other fader is missing :sunglasses:

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