Multiple monitors and crossfader curves ...

Is it possible to use djay pro with multiple monitors? I’m not speaking about the video output I’m speaking about using one monitor for the setlist and using two others for 2 decks each. And I also have another question: is it possible to bind the crossfader curve to a midi button? because I’d like to switch from scratching to blending without using my channel faders.

As far as I know the dual monitor function isn’t available (except for the video projection as you said).

It would be really nice to get two monitors.
One for library and one for the decks.

+1 on the xfader selection.

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Hi Juan,

Thank you for getting in touch. 

I added your request for multiple monitor usage internally. Regarding the crossfader Curver. Which controller are you using besides djay Pro for Windows?

I am using the Akai LPD 8 and would like to set the midi buttons to different crossfader curve types. Also thank you for adding my request.