Multiple problems with Numark Mixtrack Platinum FX

I am using djay pro AI with my 2018 iPad Pro IOS 15.7
With my Numark Mixtrack Platinum FX and there are numerous Major bugs/faults/problems!

Problem 1
when i connect the controller to my iPad Pro all faders are OFF but when i hit play BOOOM! Sound comes blasting out at Full Volume! Even though all faders are OFF! Once i touch a fader it corrects itself,

Problem 2
again when i connect IPad Pro theres No volume at all even though ive tried all faders, master volume and gains!
The only way to resolve it is to unplug controller, and manually change the volume via iPad volume buttons plug it back in, then it works!

Problem 3
again after plugging iPad into controller, and ive corrected all the above issues, all of a sudden the controller goes automatically into Demo Mode (all lights on all buttons flashing etc) and you cant use the controller! the only way to correct this is to unplug controller and plug back in!

Problem 4
auto gain is an absolute pain, and totally useless!
Auto gain has never ever worked from the start! Ive even mentioned it on here and was told by Algoriddim to set it and leave it (dont touch gains) and let Djay automatically adjust the volume, but it never ever worked!
I set auto gain to ON with gains at around 5 past 12 but when i load a song on deck one it may be ok volume, but when i start deck two when i play it the volume is soooo quiet! So it gently just touch the gain and BOOOOM! Volumes jumps to deafening! Almost blowing the venues sound system and deafening all the customers! GET THIS SORTED!!!

Problem 5
why oh why while using songs from My Files from an external Hard Drive can you not search for an artist or song? It’s nigh on impossible trying to find a song on a 2 TB hard drive with almost 300,000 songs on it!


+1 for problems 3, 4 and 5.

I don’t experience the others.

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Thanks for replying, glad its not just me then :+1:

Hello @chris_byrne1 and @DJTonyBlanck ,

Thank you for posting in the Algoriddim Community!

We greatly appreciate the accurately presented feedback on your experience with the Numark Mixtrack Platinum FX and djay. I’ll make sure to pass this information along to our awesome Dev Team, so we can reproduce your setup and test things out.

I’ll follow up with you here as soon as I have any updates to share, or in case I need more information to help the Dev Team look into this.

Wishing you both a great day in the meantime!

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I’m having all the same problems as Chris, running an iPad Pro 12.9 1tb gen 4, and Numark Mixtrack Platinum fx, not good when you turn on and volume is full up deafening your audience etc.

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Thanks! Lets hope its a speedy resolve!
There’s now yet another Glitch, i have a 2TB external SSD Drive connected to my USB Hub thats in tern connected to my iPad Pro, and sometimes when i plug ipad into the hub which connects to the Numark my hard drive is visible, but it says theres no files?
And another time i connect it the hard drive is Greyed out and not selectable, the only way to resolve this is to close Djay and re launch, it then works ok

Hey @chris_byrne1 , @DJTonyBlanck , and @Ronnie_Stott ,

Thanks for staying on top of this and continuing to share your feedback!

In light of what you reported, I am writing to confirm we have started handling internally and investigating these mapping issues affecting your experience with the Numark Platinum FX and djay.

I will post any updates here as soon as available. Wishing you a nice one in the meantime!


Excellent news!
I cant wait for this software to work seamlessly with the Numark Controller as it should

  1. I find DJay doesn’t detect positions of controls until you move them. Move every control to register its value before you connect to a large external sound system.

  2. Have you tried putting volume on ipad up before connecting the controller?

  3. I suspect it might be a power supply issue. Controllers go into what looks like demo mode if they aren’t getting enough power via the usb connection. Try a different power cable and and higher power psu. Always use OEM Apple power supply, cable and usb adapter (not 3rd party copies off ebay etc). Ultimately the best solution is to use a pro quality controller with it’s own external psu that doesn’t rely on usb for power.

  4. Adjust the volume to each track in your headphones before putting the fader up. Auto is just a starting point. It will jump to the value of the gain control as soon as it detects movement. (This is something I’m always acutely aware of when playing out live but often get when just messing about at home and being lazy not bothering to set the volume in the headphones before I bring the fader up). The volume will always jump from the auto level to the level of the gain control when it detects movement, the trick is to do this before you put up the fader so it happens in your headphones before the track is live on the sound system.
    It’s a workflow habit, going back to the days of vinyl when some records were cut loud and some quiet, equalising volume in your headphones before putting up the fader to mix in the track was something you just did naturally.

  5. Any DJ can do any gig with max 10 boxes of records. That would be 1000 tunes (In the days of vinyl I only ever carried 5 boxes max = 500 tunes). Why on earth are you trying to take 300,000 to a gig?

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1 > Yes over the last few weeks before i turn on the sound sysytem ive resorted to connecting iPad Pro loading songs on each deck, pressing play and moving faders, crossfader, gains & master volume, then turning on sound system and all seems ok, its some help, but you shouldn’t have to do this!

2 > yes ever since my previous controller (Reloop Beatpad) ive always made sure iPad volume is up full,

3 > my power supply is 60W, i had to buy this one as standard charger that came with iPad wouldnt power ipad via USB hub with my Beatpad for some reason.

4 > i do monitor the volume & adjust with gain when loading tracks, as ive done for many many years, especially when it was vinyl, yes its what you do naturally! But whats the point of having a setting thats supposed to make things a little easier, but actually makes it much worse? Auto Gain used to actually work well with the old Djay Pro & my iPad Air!

5 > yes im fully aware you can DJ with a small amount of tunes, and i already have an extensive well worked out & built up playlists to suit almost any gig, but occasionally someone will ask for a song that i have, but its on my PC’s hard drive at home! So with SSD’s now compatible with the iPad Pro, i thought it was easy just to copy my hard drive and take it with me….just in case! It’s no hardship and hardly weighs anything……so why not?

  1. The software doesn’t know what the midi value of a control is until the controller sends it a signal. A controller sends a midi value for each control when that control is moved. Hence you have to move each control to register its midi value with the software. Some default values the software starts up with are sensible (like the crossfader is in the middle), some are not (like the gains may not be down).

There is no automatic polling upon connection where the controller tells the software what controls it has and what their current midi values are. The controller may not even be able to do that.

I adjust every control after connection to register the midi value of the hardware control to sync to the software control, including the bass/mid/treble on the 2 spare channels on a 4 channel controller which I have mapped to neural mix drums/harmonics/vocals functions. It’s just habit now, 1st thing you do when you connect.

  1. I’d suspect the usb hub then.
    If your iPad is usb-c you should be using this to connect. Plug both PSU and controller into it.

If your iPad has a lightning connector you should be using this. Again, plug both PSU and controller into it.

If you use all OEM Apple (PSU, cable, adaptor) and still have a problem it’s time to sell the controller and get a different one. Maybe an internal resistance problem that just needs too much current to overcome? I had to once, controller was on the DJay approved list for iOS but just did what yours was doing sometimes, worked fine with a PC though (that had usb ports powered by a proper internal PC PSU).

  1. Why not? It seems a big ask on iOS DJ software to index and analyse 300k tunes.

thats strange, because when i used my Reloop Beatpad, i didnt need to touch or move any controls for it to send midi values?
I just plugged ipad in & everything worked fine, apart from auto gain doing what it does now!

Mine is an iPad Pro 3rd gen and yes use the AV multiport usbc hub.

I dont need IOS DJ to analyse & index every tune,
Its just there as ive said to play a request i dont already have on my iPad!
I just find the song, load it, & play it!

Hello Cam-A
Any news yet on an update/bug fix for these issues?

Yes… bad mapping for point 1 :frowning:

Will try point 2…

My main concern is about performance pads response time, not always very accurate .

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Hi ive just noticed an update 4.0.13
Will this update sort out these problems?

Hey Cam_A its two months now since you told me this problem was being researched by the app developers, and still we have the same problems!

A - Controller still goes into demo mode after powering up & plugging in iPad Pro

B - Volume is still on FULL when you power up, until you touch faders

C - Still no search for tracks function while using an external SSD Hard Drive

D - Auto Gain is still absolutely useless! It doesnt match volume of previous track, and you still have to adjust yourself, but as before volume jumps ridiculously High as soon as you slightly touch gains

Plagued by problem #3 here as well while attempting to use this with my new Macbook Pro. Using a good quality Anker USB-C hub, I don’t believe power to be the issue. I am having the problem on Djay and Serato alike though.

OK immediately after posting the above, I ran into this, which suggests that the controller needs to see a program that is natively compatible in order to know not to enter demo mode. I was still having issues with Serato DJ Pro, so on a whim I decided to try Serato DJ Lite and voila, no more demo mode for the entire time it remains plugged into my laptop.

Glad to have a resolution, but still a bit frustrated with this controller and considering returning FWIW.