Multiple Recordings!

when plugged in and on file transfer in itunes i see about 6 or so recordings i have made , however if i transfer them to my pc they do not play, only one plays!!???


iphone 6s!

i have since deleted them sorry !
i have tested it on my ipad and all seems well so i will just use it for recordings going forward thanks!

Hi James Stuart Leslie,

could you tell us which djay app and device you are using?

Thank you in advance.

Lukas E.

Thank you James Stuart Leslie.

Could you send us one recording which is not playable via
If the file is too big you can upload it and send us the download link via

Lukas E.

It still would be great if you could try to reproduce this issue with your djay 2 iPhone app.
Please try to record a corrupted recording and send it to us, also please tell us which setup you used for recording the broken recording.

That would help us tons.

Lukas E.