Multiple WHITE Cues

I’ve tried;
Reinstalling, music, DJay app, resetting iPad.
Still, I have multiple white cues.

Hi Fred,

Do you have djay for Mac too? Did you enable iCloud syncing for djay on your iPad?

Hi Fred,

Yes, please upload the screenshot, a video recording would be even better. Which iOS version do you have now?

Hi Fred,

Have you tried deleting djay’s iCloud data? Open your iPad’s Settings -> iCloud -> Storage & Backup -> Manage Storage and delete djay’s data.

If you have a Mac too, I recommend doing the same thing there.

Do you have Skype? Please send an email to support@algoriddim with:

  • Skype name
  • suitable time and your time zone

Ah OK, just got your email. I’ll check it out and get back to you.

Hi, no not on a Mac.
I’ve tried clouding and no clouding.
Even went as far as uninstalling my music. Then turn off clouding. Reinstalling music, no luck. I have a screenshot if it helps.

…where’s your follow up?
Know this, ALL my dj friends have been told by me,
“you gotta get this DJay app!”
Guess what? When I show them, I can’t perform because my cues move around as the feel. This occurred after iOS 5. I’ve asked for help since then.
No one can help.
Can you help me?

I am running iOS 5.1.1 along with the latest version of DJay. In some cases, it may not create multiple white cues for some songs, but they will randomly move around the ones I have created. Thanks.

I tried that. Actually tried it twice.
I uninstalled DJay from my iPhone.
Deleted back up there too.
Then reinstalled DJay on iPad.

Any update info?

No sir,
I only have FaceTime.
but I just sent an email last night regarding a video showing the glitch that cause this issue. I’ll foward the email to the email you used. hope this is ok.

this problem was solved, Your team should take credit for this