Music/iTunes library not showing up in latest Mac version

For some reason I’m not getting my Apple Music library showing up in the latest version of Djay for MacOS. I see three playlists but no songs. There should be thousands of songs and dozens and dozens of playlists.

When I’m using Djay on iPadOS, I see all of the music just fine.

Any ideas?

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I’m getting the same issue - V 4.0.5 and Mac OS Monterey

Think I may have figured it out. You have to have the music actually downloaded to your Mac in order for them to show up I think…

Yes - and I’m pretty sure you need to have purchased them in order to remove the DRM and therefore play in Djay?

Hey @Michael_Palmer and @Kpod21 ,

Thanks for reaching out about this here in the Community.

Please note that tracks added to your library via Apple Music streaming service can not be played in djay.

You will need to have your tracks purchased and downloaded to your Mac from the Music app (not Apple Music) to be able to play the same tracks in djay, with the DRM-protection removed.

Hope this info is helpful. Have a nice day!

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