Music library keeps loosing focus to load next track

I’d like to be able to load the next track into either deck at anytime, but the playlist looses focus whenever interacting with the UI in the mixer or decks.

My ideal mapping
• knob = scroll tracks in playlist
• button = load track into deck (one for each deck)

These mappings work, but as soon as I click on anything outside the playlist, it looses focus and the scroll/load functions don’t work until I click back into the playlist area.

Anyone figure out a workaround for this, so scrolling/loading tracks works at any time?

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Bumping this thread to see if anyone has found a way to easily load the next track into the deck without having to mouse click into the active playlist.

For a time, I had an action called „load next track“ (or similar) mapped to shift+load, allowing me to load the next track in the playlist directly without having to open the music library. Does that help?

Brilliant advide “djjoejoe”!

“Load next track” is an option within the Deck X sub-mapping (see screenshot). There is also a Load next track in the Media Library sub-mapping, but that one doesn’t work when the app isn’t focused on that list.

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