Music randomly slows down for 1-2 seconds then picks back up

I had this issue with DJay 4 and now having the same issue with Djay Pro - Usually at least once in a 4 hour night, the music will slow down a few BPMs, Gets somewhat distorted, then picks back up to the normal speed. Doesn’t Matter which song it happens on, or where in the song, It’s Very random.

I am running a Early 2011 MacBook Pro with 10.10 Yosemite - 8GB of Ram - 1TB Hybrid Hard Drive

Have you ever noticed this happening without a controller?

Please reach out to support(at) so we can troubleshoot this issue.

Yep! It crashed on me tonight too! Luckily I have karaoke and was able to make it look like I just accidentally started playing a song instead of going to karaoke. I restarted my computer… So far, so good… Keeping my fingers crossed tho! DJAY pro seems extremely buggy… Wish I could and easily quickly go back to Mavericks and day 4 :-/

I had the same and other problems tonight at a Gig. Horrible - my ears are god - Something was sounding weird - it was changing speed and adding weird effects or mixing internal things w main mix. I also had my Mac become sporadic and very non responsive - jumping around - We have taken a step backward - W DJay and Mavericks things were stable - I am using a Vestex 2 controller. Now I had to reboot twice and finally disconnected my controller altogether and got sound direct fro Mac that was clear and nice FINALY. Seems a problem w Yosemite and DJay compatibility when using external controllers. This is CRITICAL - can’t do a Gig w weird sound and lock ups …

Answer NO… BUT… in desperation - I had 20 seconds downtime (not good in a live event) and rebooted and disconnected the Vestex 2. I ran direct out of headphones into a mixer and the sound not only was CLEANER (I use Aiff) but no more problems… but it was the last 30 min of event …but went well after I disconnected controller, but then had no way of cueing songs…but landed safely and all passengers safe… I need the Vestex 2 to work - used to work w Mavericks Vestex 1 and DJ 1 -

Why can’t the sound stay clean out of headphones when a controller is hooked up? are we routing signal through controller when output is set to Mac? I use controller for 2 things - to easily load songs into deck and to cue songs. Maybe we need some new preferences that allow the main music to not go through the controller if the DJ is only using for cueing and loading? If I occasionally want to set a loop point I can do that on screen… I am not fancy - avoid beat matching and all the thrills. So maybe a SIMPLE “bypass” pref set would be good w only headphone cue and loading by the buttons to the decks. I use external mixer w EQ anyway…

Similar issue where the music slow in tempo, then begins glitching. Happened toward the end of one song, then continued into the next song. Occurs at random, but predominately towards the end of a week of use.