Music stops during Automix when using Tidal

Using a Hercules Bluetooth small controller and Auto mix at the beginning of a night and streaming from Tidal , twice the music just stopped dead. Controller was unresponsive but all still lit up. And looked as if whist the waveform was fully loaded the track maybe wasn’t.
Never had this before updating to the latest version last week. iOS iPad 4th gen M1.

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Hi @Wayne_Clark, please provide some additional details about your setup.

  1. Specific model of Hercules controller
  2. iOS version
  3. Actual djay Pro version
  4. Tidal audio quality settings within djay
  5. Screenshot of your Automix settings. Specifically what transition type are you using?
  6. Is the WiFi connection stable and fast at the venue?
  7. Did you have to reboot djay to continue playing or were you able to load another song and continue?
  8. Is your iPad connected to power and charging properly when using djay?
  9. Do you have the lockscreen disabled when using Automix?
  10. Do you have your iPad in Do Not Disturb to prevent notifications when DJing?

Hi @Wayne_Clark, I’m following up on my post from 8 days ago. If you are still having issues, can you please respond to my post above? If I don’t hear back in a few days, I will consider this solved and close the topic. Thanks!

Hi , I’ve been testing again after the last update and can’t seem to replicate the problem. Hopefully it’s not going to happen again.
Thanks for the reply , a great forum and help.

You’re welcome. That’s great to hear @Wayne_Clark. Thanks for the update. I’ll consider this solved and closed for now then. If the issue returns, please post about it in this topic.

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