Music stuttering while using the Jog Wheel on the other deck on iPad Air and Philips M1X-DJ

I’ve been using the free (no subsctiption) version of iOS Djay on an ipad Air with the Philips M1X-DJ for a few hours to evaluate before starting a subscription, and one thing I’ve noticed is that the music on the deck that’s active starts to stutter when I use the jog on the other deck to search for a point in the cued song…
It also happens if I try to scratch on on deck while playing a song on the other. And I’ve noticed that it happens either if the Sync option is on or not.
I believe that happens because the iPad is old and low on resources (it’s an iPad Air A1475, A7 processor, 1GB RAM, iOS 12.1 - the same thing happend on the iOS 11.3), but I think the app should addapt itself (maybe lowering the visual effects or reslution, IDK…) to the available resources, prioritizing the soundplay to go smoothly.
I’ve tried to kill all the other apps and leave DJay running alone, but it’s still happening.

Sometimes the same thing happens on my iPhone 6 Plus (A8 Processor, 1g RAM, iOS 12.1), but if I kill all other apps and disable the Sync toggle on both decks, everything runs smoothly…

Anyone has any idea on how to work around this issue, as I won’t be able to upgrade the iPad anytime soon?

I’ve got a problem with my sons M1x with the cue button on the right deck seemingly making the app cracsh

I’ve made a few futher tests and noticed that if I turn off the scratch mode on one deck I can scratch on the other one without any stutter…
No none has any idea to solver this problem?