My Beatport category not updating in Beatport Link


Within the Beatport Link integration in Djay there is the “My Beatport” playlist/category.
This is where it shows the latest releases/tracks from artists/labels that you follow in Beatport.

For some reason when I go to the “My Beatport” section in Djay it is showing as empty, with no tracks at all.
Yet when I log into the Beatport website it shows loads of trakcs each day under “My Beatport”.

Is the integration of this feature broken for some reason, or am I missing something that I need to activate?

I’m running latest versions of MacOS and Djay Pro AI and the problem is also in the older version of Djay Pro 2 on both my Mac Mini and Macbook Pro.

Any help greatly received.

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Same issue here. Contacted Algoriddim support who told me to contact Beatport who in turn told me they were able to reproduce the problem and a fix is on the way. That was two months ago.

The wait continues.

Thanks a lot for bringing this to our attention. Our development team is currently working with Beatport to get this fixed. I’ll keep you posted here when I have more news. Thanks in advance for your patience!

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Thanks for the update Emily.

It’s always good to know you guys are following up.