My Beatport category not updating in Beatport Link


Within the Beatport Link integration in Djay there is the “My Beatport” playlist/category.
This is where it shows the latest releases/tracks from artists/labels that you follow in Beatport.

For some reason when I go to the “My Beatport” section in Djay it is showing as empty, with no tracks at all.
Yet when I log into the Beatport website it shows loads of trakcs each day under “My Beatport”.

Is the integration of this feature broken for some reason, or am I missing something that I need to activate?

I’m running latest versions of MacOS and Djay Pro AI and the problem is also in the older version of Djay Pro 2 on both my Mac Mini and Macbook Pro.

Any help greatly received.

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Same issue here. Contacted Algoriddim support who told me to contact Beatport who in turn told me they were able to reproduce the problem and a fix is on the way. That was two months ago.

The wait continues.

Thanks a lot for bringing this to our attention. Our development team is currently working with Beatport to get this fixed. I’ll keep you posted here when I have more news. Thanks in advance for your patience!

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Thanks for the update Emily.

It’s always good to know you guys are following up.


I really wish this would get fixed. So frustrating.

Thanks for bringing this up again, @RakanIam. Sorry this issue is still occurring. I’ve notified our Development Team about this again, and they are in contact with Beatport again to hopefully get this issue fixed soon. I will keep you updated here with any news.

Thanks @Emily standing by.

I’ve received an update from our Development Team, and this issue where “My Beatport” tracks are not showing in djay will be fixed in the next update of djay Pro AI on iOS and Mac. Please keep an eye out for that release, and I’ll also keep you posted here when it becomes available.

Thanks again for your patience.

Thanks @Emily just got the iOS update. Unfortunately still nothing. Signed out of Beatport on the app, force quit, signed in still nothing.

Thanks for informing us, @RakanIam. I can confirm that you’re correct… unfortunately the My Beatport songs aren’t showing in the latest update. Really sorry about that! I’ve notified our Development Team and hopefully we can get this issue solved quickly. I’ll keep you updated here.

Again, thank you @Emily for keeping us updated and for following up.

That’s all we ask for.

Thanks again.

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Just a quick update from our team: This fix was accidentally omitted from the latest updates to djay Pro AI on iOS and Mac. It will be fixed in the next update.

My sincere apologies for the omission and for the confusion. I’ll let you know when the next update is available in the App Store.

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Hey @Emily you did it! It works perfectly now!

Thank you so much. And my thanks to the team.

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Hey @RakanIam, You beat me to sharing the news! :sunglasses:

Yes, with the latest update this should now be fixed and I’m glad to hear it’s working again for you as expected. Happy mixing! :headphones:

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