My BPM'S and cue points keep disapearing

Ive just got a new 64gb ipad and im in the process of moving all of my music from my ipad1 (with djay 1 installed) to my new ipad (with djay2 installed)
Ive noticed that my BPMS keep resetting themselves and my cue points vanish so when i load a track to mix it has to process it all again and i have to re set my cue points. Why would it be doing this? Any ideas or help will be fgreatly appreciated

Generally speaking, you can sync user-generated data, such as cue points, over to all devices with djay. Check out the following article:…

However, track data from BPM analysis does NOT get synced. The tracks need to be re-anaylzed on your new iPad. Don’t worry though, djay 2 has a batch analysis feature so you can do this faster. Simply open the library in djay 2, go to a playlist and tap “More” > “Analyze All Songs”.