My Collection files end prematurely in Djay pro 5.2

iPhone 13
iOS 17.5.1
djay 5.2
Pioneer DDJ-Flex 4

Beatport offline tracks (in offline locker and in My Collection library) end prematurely

4+ minutes tracks in My Collection (all in offline locker) ended around 1.5 minutes.

Happened (over 6-7 tracks) until I switched to Beatport library (vs My Collection).

*Not able to reproduce the issue:

Hi @Artigas_Artigas, are you using Automix by chance? There is an option in Automix to limit how much of the song is played.

No, I was playing manually on Pro.

Thanks for confirming @Artigas_Artigas. Do you have an active Beatport LINK Professional subscription?

Yes I do have an active Beatport pro subscription

Thanks for confirming that. Can you please try to capture a video of the issue, upload it to your Google Drive/Dropbox, enable sharing permissions, then share a link to the video here? Thanks!

Hi @Artigas_Artigas, I spoke with engineering. Could you please try removing the tracks from your offline locker and then try adding them back in to see if this clears up the issue? Thanks!


Thanks a lot for following up!

I’ll try that solution if the issue repeats itself. So far it didn’t not
happen again.



You’re welcome @Artigas_Artigas. Please keep me posted.

Hi @Artigas_Artigas, I’m just following up to see if your issue was resolved. Thanks!

Thank you!

Issue did not repeat itself.

But others popped up:

  • Automix persists even when switching to manual pro mode (meaning it
    forces in tracks that I did not select)
  • Sound level drops abruptly (crossfader in non-automised mode).

Will see if 5.2-1 corrects these.

Thanks again.


Thanks for the follow up @Artigas_Artigas. If those new issues are not fixed in 5.2.1, please create a new topic for these so we can keep the conversation organized. Thanks!