My Collection Songs Showing Wrong Source Icon

I’ve been converting my playlist to beatsource. So when export the playlist and songs to a my collection playlist . The songs source is listed wrong… this playlist in the picture should be all Beatsource songs. But some show up as tidal. if you notice the song loaded in the deck says Beatsource but in the playlist it’s listed as Tidal

Hi @Five-0, I experienced a similar thing when I performed the same process 2 years ago. This is what worked for me:

  1. First, log out of all streaming services from within djay.
  2. Perform a Forced Restart of your iOS device: Force restart iPad - Apple Support
  3. Launch djay and only log into Beatsource.
  4. You may notice some songs still saying they are Tidal, but they will be Beatsource. In my experience, these eventually cleared up themselves, but you may find some still show the Tidal icon. In those cases if it still bothers you, you can try removing the song from the playlist and manually add it back direct from Beatsource.

Just tried. It still have them listed wrong. Even if I start from scratch making a plays it from beatsource it will show most files are from my hard drive or Tidal

Thanks for the feedback @Five-0. I can’t think of anything else to try. I have forwarded this to the dev team to see if they have any other suggestions. They are very busy answering questions related to the recent djay 5.0 release so it may take a while to get back to you. Thanks for understanding!

I make a playlist from beatsource. To a new playlist in my collection on IOS. But 5.01 not only list them wrong but grabs songs from different sources to complete the list. So my new playlist has Tidal tracks as well. This makes the My Collection system useless at this point . T

@Five-0 I spoke with the engineering team and they have explained the situation:

  1. Unfortunately, things get a little confusing when multiple streaming sources are used.
  2. By default, My Collection show the icon for the original source that the track was imported from, which might not actually be the source where the track will be played from if djay has multiple sources it can play it from, especially if the origin source is unavailable i.e. logged out.
  3. So, in short, the screen shows the origin source icon, but might be playing the track from another source like you’ve experienced.
  4. The next djay 5.0.2 update will be adjusted so My Collection playlists always show the actual source icon of the current song being played instead of the original source that the track was imported from.
    Hopefully I explained that okay. Thanks!

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