My Custom Spotify Playlists Are Gone After Update 3/2017

With the new update, I have completely lost all my Spotify playlists. There are all these cutesy ones that, I’m guessing Algoriddim came up with. I’m not interested in those.

I’m more concerned with the ones I’ve worked so hard to build - and the ones that clients send me for gigs. Maybe they’re hidden? What’s the deal?

It does seem to operate better, a little smoother, so there’s a good thing. However, I did just switch to a SSD in my MacBook.

Thanks Dave! I did a search before posting, but I guess not a good enough search LOL.

What a relief! I just about freaked over the weekend.

Oh, once it was pointed out where to find it, it was no problem after that. Just a little panic attack. Lol

Hey there,

little changes always need some time integrate into the normal workflow.
Hope you are getting used to the new location :slight_smile:

Cheers,Lukas E.

I also had this problem but someone posted the solution on another thread.
Go to the center bottom of the page to the 3 icons. That’s where you will find your viewing options.

All good here so far. Thank you, Lukas.

Same problem, big problem for my next gig!

Argh, so easy…