My DDJ-FLX4 upgraded to 4 Ch. Mapping

The download link is at the bottom of the (long) post–

I’ve created a midi mapping for the DDJ flx4 that would be useful for some of you guys who are wanting to upgrade to a four deck system.
This is halfway there, and with this mapping you can almost have a four deck controller, with with FLX4, if you tweak the settings enoujgh. You can think of this mapping as an upgrade, and we will call it the: FLX5.

It’s a lot of information, and I don’t have the best writing composition, so if somebody wants to help out and try to put this into a cohesive manner, that would be excellent for other users on here. I’ll do the best I can, this is the hardest part lol…
Also, all of this control for the four decks is done without using a mouse and keyboard :slight_smile: and you don’t have to use four decks when you use this mapping, it just gives you the option.

Most of my mixing and playing around with effects and whatnot will be done on decks 1 and 2, think of those as the main decks.

So what I’ve done is, I have programmed the smart fader button to act as a second level of shifting beyond the first level, which the two built-in shift buttons do. for the second level button, the Smart fader button, we will call that button “SF Shift”, which for the most part gives you access to deck 3 and 4 functions, without having to shift away from the buttons that you are using for Deck 1 and 2 (shift away as in having to hit shift hot cue to take you to keyboard mode) I’m really having a problem describing it

I crammed everything into the first four functions out of the eight functions selectors which are the top row of skinny buttons above the pads one through eight. “hot cue” “pad effects” 'beat jump" and “sampler” I don’t really hit shift for anything, because I want everything easy to access. Possibly later on I will add more functionality to the buttons if you hit shift hot cue (keyboard) pad effects (2) etc.

Really you’ll just have to play around with it to see what everything does.

But here’s a rundown
Play button acts as regular play button, shift play turns quantize On/Off for 1 and 2
SF shift play button, play/pauses decks 3 and 4, depending on the side.
SF Shift +the load buttons will load a track to 3 and 4
The large Cue button is regular Cue function,
Shift Cue turns slip mode on and off
SF shift Cue, Sets Start cue for 3 and 4.
Shift + line fader volume does 3 and 4, same with pitch sliders
Now, for the thin roll of buttons above the eight pads, starting with the “Hot Cue”

Hot Cue 1 through 8 is normal, set cue/jump to cue

Regular Shift, cue 1-8 is erase cue point (of course you have to hold it)

SF Shift (Smart Fader Shift), 1 through 4 is cue points 1-4 on Decks 3 and 4 respectively, depending on which siode you are on.

Five is "saved loop reloop loop 1. on deck 1 and 2 depending on which side you are on (so if you have a loop selected that you like go ahead and mash this button it will save it and then it will jump to it later on)

Six is saved loop reloop loop 2 deck 1/2 (same)

And then for the ease of setting up cue points and not having to jump back and forth between setting cues and beat jumping, I have made pads 5 and 6, jump forward and backwards 4 beats (which is super handy)

I figure if you are doing decks three and four there’s not gonna be too much cue jumping, at least there’s not for me and that’s why I don’t have them set up here.

On FX1 once clicked, you’ll notice all pads are lit up. Or they should be lit up, occasionally they don’t, and just hit them once which would turn them off and then a second time to turn them back on.

This is where your Nueral mix, or stem tracks(Drums, Bass, Harmony, and Vocal) tracks lie.
If they’re lit up it means that they’re on

The top rows, buttons 1-4, are decks 1 on the left and 2 on the right neural mix buttons to turn each one on and off. And the bottom rows are for decks three on the left and four on the right.

You can access the FX that are usally there by holding the shift button and hitting the respective pad that your fx are on

SF Shift 1 through 4, bounce loops on Decks 1 and 2, I don’t typically do FX on Deck three and four and if I do I’m using the beat FX.

Beat Jump pads are pretty straightforward with 1 through 8 jumping normally, but with 7 and 8 being set up to jump 8 beats now instead of 4.
Regular shift on 5 and 6 activate saved loop 1 and 2, so if you have a loop pattern saved as your playhead crosses this it will stay in that loop, which is good for outros if you got a lot going on.
SF shift on 5 and 6 activate the loops for deck 3 and 4 on the respective sides.
The sampler key activates slicer

Now for the beat fx

Hitting the regular big Beat FX button activate FX 1

The smart cfx button (to the left of the filter knobs )activate FX 2
Shift + big beat FX button, activates FX 3

Shift + smart cfx activate beat FX two and three of the same time
Wet dry for beat FX 1 is the regular knob right above the off button for the beat FX
Wet dry for beat FX too is the microphone knob, because I don’t use a microphone, but if you hold shift, (either shift layer, which are the 2 reguar shifts of SF Shift) you get to the crossfader curve

Regular shift and SF shift don’t have two levels of functions when it comes to the knobs

3 wet dry is the bottom headphone level knob.
if you need to access the headphone volume level, hold shift and use that knob. It doesn’t get used as much once it’s set so it is a secondary action.
The “monitor: Cue/Mix” knob still does the original function

Smart fader shift and then hitting smart cfx is what toggles the crossfader FX on/off

Shift and then hitting smart fader (shift), toggles the tempo blend of the cross Vader

Now comes the EQ knobs.

They’re set up normal, except they are on pickup mode, if you hold shift and use knob, it will control decks 3 and 4.
If you don’t pick up is where the knob adjustment does not register until the hardware matches where the software think it is, which is what you need if you are controlling four decks at a time and they are set at different positions.

I don’t know if it makes a difference but in my program, I have it set on neural mode for the EQ knobs. If you want to access pure EQ and not neural mix, simple, just hit:
S hihift and then the “CUE” button below the knobs. That toggles the EQ mode on/off for decks 1 and 2, which is helpful as well.

As for the top row of buttons regular they’re pretty much as is
I put functionality with the shift buttons on there,
The sync button performs normally except it’s also syncs Dex 3 and 4 at the same time
If you hit the sync button and hold it for two or three seconds you will get extra functionality which will turn the key on off. But that does is it will change the pitch of the song as you move the tempo slider
Shift and sink will match the key to the opposite deck
Smart fader shift Beat sync, if you press it will quickly instant double 1 or 2
Smartvader shift beat sink and holding it will match the key of deck 3 and 4
There’s also some shift with the regular old like music selection knob.
Smart fader shift beat sync

Let’s see is there anything else, oh yeah the,
“CUE” buttons act as turning the CUE monitors on for decks 1 and 2(which is what it normally does), while SF Shift will turn the monitor on for three and four.
Shift and the “auto” and “tap” button are for turning the vocal selection for beat effects on and off for decks cortex 1 and 2.
SF Shift and the jog wheel, or wherever you would normally scratch on decks one and two if you’re holding SF shift it will jog seek decks three and four

It’s a work in progress and this is probably the 1,000 change I’ve made to it

But if anybody has any questions please let me know
And thanks for checking it out!!!

All this was built off of Mike’s mapping, thanks again Mike! And if you guys don’t know, it’s a good bass to build your mapping off of because it gives you more functionality than what is normally built-in to the mapping profile. If you go to mapping, there are far more selections to choose from than what’s normally available.

Still to do is how they get the beat effects selector switch activate both decks at a time

Here’s a link feel free to download

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Thanks for sharing @Patch_ed

What does “SF” mean?

It’s Smart Fader shift. With that mapping you have your regular shift, and I repurposed the smart fader button on the Ddj FLX4 to act as a second layer of shift, I just abbreviated it SF shift

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Super excited to try this out! I havent ever uploaded a MIDI before, but when I export my current setup, it saves it as an excel doc. How do I upload this MIDI file?

Hi @Ahsdog, MIDI mapping files are stored in the djay folder on your device. They have the file extension .djayMidiMapping. No export process is necessary. You can share this file type directly in your Community post here.

Thank you for the quick response!

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You’re welcome @Ahsdog