My DjController Hercules Bluetooth is not working properly

Hello, im frustrated atm, because after my last session, my dj controller isnt working and connecting the right way anymore, the fader button changed in to the filter button… is there a method to reset my controller to standart? i tried a lot and also deinstalled the djay app but still the same problem.

Go to settings, midi devices, then check the mapping

This didnt helped me, i mean, the crossfader button isnt working anymore its not broken, just not in the right setting… the crossfade is also not moving in the app when i try to do it on the hardware

So are you saying to me when you move the Crossfader in the midi mapping section does nothing?

Yes thats right, the crossfader does nothing

This is very interesting, but one of the buttons on a controller does nothing in the midi mapping section. Having a similar issue. With the rane one. Hopefully some of the other developers can answer this question, or perhaps we are doing something wrong.