my dreams for my ipadpro

My dreams…
Import my own loops like in Samples;
an audio editor for these;
Searching mode also in Files;
and cue points with text editor for named it.
Too much? :hugs:
Thanks in advance
p.s. this app is fantastic
I have the full version sorry if these are things that are already there and I could not find …

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Hi Raffaele,

Thanks for these suggestions… they are good features. RE search, this is a limitation with files and searching on iOS currently. If that should change, we would look at implementing it. Same with the looper: the system would need a large overhaul to accommodate user loops.


Hi Dan and Raf, Yes, I would appreciate very much being able to edit (on my iPad Pro 2020) the names of the cue points. I am only using my iPad Pro now and have quite a few cue points I named when on MacOS, and that I would like to change now (and of course name my new ones).
Love being on and using the iOS version otherwise. Cheers

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We’ve already got iOS cue renaming on our issue tracker. I’ve referenced this thread as requesting it too.

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