My Experience with Djay Pro 5.0

First I’d like to say that I was SUPER happy with my previous version of DjayPROAI. i don’t remember the exact version but it was in the fours(4). No issue on mixes or sync. Constant tickets historically regarding the Neural Mix never working but I gave up on that.

I am a 65 years old man and I have been a DJ since 1974. At this point right now I have a Youtube channel with all of you are welcome to visit and listen to the mixes performed on my Rane One using DjayPROAI. I have to say, the software was solid. Sync and beat grid on point. sometimes amazing to me.

I loaded 5.0 on a separate laptop BUT iCloud updated my Djay laptop automatically. (DAMN)
and ironically it does not allow download of my previous purchase 08/2022 of DjayPROAI but it does allow download of my 2020 purchase of Djay PRO 2. ???

So, at least that I’m aware of, I can’t go back. IF SOMEONE CAN TELL ME HOW TO GO BACK OR CAN SEND ME A DjayPROAI 4 series installer or zip…please do.

Here is my details and observations.

Mac 2012 I7 16 gig ram 1 Terra HD Catalina 10.15.7

1- Had to analyse all my current songs (2047songs)
2- Sync on BPM and BEATS will struggle with the sync and has CHANGED my BPM to a higher BPM that is not the original one of the songs. It has also sone this on BPM ONLY.
3- As reported by another user, the mouse right click does not work and kills the software.The previous versions including DJay Pro 2 gave load options.
4- My Neural Mix has never worked and several tickets have been initiated with no resolve. I was hoping with this update my Neural mix would work but Nope.

I have videos of these problems.I can email them if you like.

I am a retired DJ. I feel bad for working DJs who may have similar issues while working. I hope Algoriddim fixes these issues quickly.

As for me, Like I said, If someone knows how I can temporarily go back to my previous version. Please contact me.

Ernie Fuentes
Tampa Florida
@djerniefromjersey YOUTUBE

Just downloaded the update, right mouse click is fixed.
Still changing BPM on some songs using SYNC (BPMand Beat) and SYNC not working correctly on SYNC (bpm only)

I think it’s normal of the new update to have the BPM fluctuate especially as it real time analyses the track playing,

I haven’t had an issue with it and think its a real game changer,

Only thing I see I have had to do is to go through every track that has been re analyzed and move all my cue points slightly as the grids have been adjusted to suit,

Not a big deal for me as I just do it as I load a new track…

The anchor feature is really amazing and incredibly good

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