my idea is: save the speed!

my idea is: save the speed! so, i can call up directly the song with my required speed!
for practice a dancechoreography in my required tempo/ speed.

It is a shame that the program lost this great feature.

I also need this support for my lessons

I also need this support for my lessons

I also need this support for my lessons

The cue points are saved with the track so it does not seem like a huge addition to also save the speed and the key lock saved on a track. Although some people may alter track’s tempo to keep it consistent with a given mix, other people (like ballroom dancers) want specific dance styles at specific tempos. Seems ridiculous to have to have to make exactly the same tempo adjustment every time I play a track and also makes it impossible to use these tracks in automix since different tracks will want different adjustments. I use the ipad version of djay for ballroom and Latin events and the automix is useful for cueing up a few tracks to play unattended.

If you use Djay version 2 it will do this. It’s why I don’t upgrade. They took away a feature that made it worth buying.

I saw that djay was updated today on my Mac. I was hoping that this feature was back. However, it does not appear to be.

I am sad. I think that Djay is quite elegant with its interface and I want to use it to teach my dance classes.

I think that there are many others that would use this program if we could save the pitch, tempo, and looping points.

I have purchased versions 2, 3, and 4. Version 2 did this. All I’m asking is that you put it back. (I will promote your product vigorously if you do.)


Is this feature available yet?

How about now? Does DJ Pro allow me to save tempo, pitch, and cue points?

Yes! Yes! Yes! Please bring the save speed and pitch feature back. I also have refused to upgrade to newer versions because it is missing. It is a critical feature for any dance leader. In the midst of performance we don’t need one more thing to do…remember to change the pitch and speed of the song.

I need a new method of playing, I will not considered your product for this reason, It’s just another database entryt, c’mon

When you consider the reason for speed or pitch adjustment in the first place, it makes no sense that it couldn’t be saved with the track. At the very least, the option to save it or not should be presented. Given that older versions of the software allowed speed/pitch changes to be saved, the removal of this feature seems a very unfortunate mistake.

This support to be more effective to learn dancing steps.

i use any tune

No, I’m sorry. We’ll keep that in mind though.

bump. I need this too!!! Greatly!!!

Why are we still waiting on this all of these years later!! Come on Algoriddim! Get up to date!

So how’s it coming? Just checking back four years later.