My Library songs list automatically moves to top of the list when using sorting criteria

Another bug In “My Library”. Sorting a playlist by BPM. Everytime I drag&drop a song to a deck, the view automatically moves back to the top of the list, which is really annoying if you have a long list and you want to keep playing songs of a similar BPM. You are forced to scroll down the songs list back to where you were when you played that song. Note that this also happens for other sorting criteria. This bug is not present in “Itunes” or “Spotify” views [only “My Library” view is affected]. At very least, please make this behaviour configurable, I can’t find a good use case to force the view to move back to the top of the list of songs in a playlist everytime a song is played in a deck.


Hi there,

thank you for pointing this out.

We are working on it and I also added the Year My Library Issue to our Issue Tracker.

Thank you in advance.

Hello, I reported the problem to the assistance through e-mail and with an attached video, they answered that they are verifying.
we have reported it in this post:…

I add another bug in my library: do not display the “Year” TAG, the same tracks in the Itunes library display all the fields correctly including “year”.

In addition, by deleting the “My Library” Playlists and recreating them, some tracks are displayed in gray and are not available, even if they are available.

Problem solved with the 2.05 update, the library is more fluid and also the display of titles is immediate. Big work.
I have reported in another post that still does not display the “Year” tag in the Djay Pro 2 library while it correctly displays in Itunes library and in the browser.