My speakers won't work with DDJ SB2 and Djay Pro

Hi, I have connected two speakers to my DDJ SB2 with two phono cables but no sound is coming out. Does anyone know why? What is the full list of equipment i need to get going? Decks didn’t offer any information when I purchased this from them?

Hi there,

could you tell us which speakers you connected to your DDJ SB2?

Also could you please send us your Device Settings in djay Pro (see exemplary screenshot, please note that “DJ Connect” should be exchanged by “Pioneer DDJ SB2”)

Lukas E.

Hi Lukas!
Thank you so much, I’ll send pic over tonight.
I have 2 x Rokit R5 speakers…

ok, my speakers are now working thank you so much!
HOWEVER, there is a hissing sound coming from them, why is that? when i turn the music down it’s very prominent.
also, now what else do i need to use my headphones so i can cue tracks?
thanks, lukas!

i use the cue button on the mixer don’t i! it’s all working perfectly. i thought i needed a splitter cable but i think i’m good to go! : )

i’m good to go, aren’t i ! : )

ok, any advice on the hissing would be amazing though!