My thoughts on Djay Pro AI V4

Last week I wanted to put it to the test by having an evening.

I state that I have always used Rekordbox.

I exported all my playlists from Rekordbox to Itunes so as to have them ready in Djay Pro.

I open Djay and find all the music and playlists, so far so good.

The thing that I really don’t like is having to move the music in my collection (I don’t really understand the meaning of it) and then make the playlists that you can’t even transfer to Itunes afterwards.

Since Djay hooks perfectly into Itunes I preferred having the ability to add or change playlists as if Djay were an Itunes extension.

Not being able to manually change the beat grid. If I adjust the beat grid at the beginning of the song, then I find it later stoned when there is a change of pace.

Not being able to put comments and other information in the song.

Not being able to see how many playlists I put a song in.

I hope these things will be added in the next updates also because they are the basis of a DJ software.

And then there are things that can already be done and I have missed it. Thank you in advance for all your advice in this regard.

However, I would like to point out that the new V4 version is going in the right direction. Much appreciated update from me.

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The beat grid can be manually edited, although it can’t be edited in multiple places which is one thing I would like to see as well in future updates


Beat Grids clouding is a must.
Annoying when it resets after not using the song for awhile.
Cloud BEAT Grids please!!


Thank you for answering me.

I know that the beat grid can be changed manually.

I thought it had some command I missed to modify it in several places.

This thing is very limiting.

I guess programmers are aware of this shortcoming.

I was hoping that in this new version V4 they had implemented it.

Unfortunately not yet.


LaidbackFred, Thank you for letting me know that Beat Grids resets after not using the song for a while. It is truly demoralizing to waste time fixing the Beat Grids and then having them restored. Yes, clouding would be a great way to safeguard all your work.

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I haven’t experienced that yet… My Beatgrids appear to be ok, the only thing I noticed was that when I set my Beatgrids on my Rane One then connect my Reloop Buddy to the same iPad, the Beatgrids are different…

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I mainly play 80’s Funk with live drummers and I would love to be able to adjust the Beatgrid at multiple places.

Yup, fine-granular editing of beat grids is also a must for me.

And better library management, 100% agreed. For me this would mean seeing iTunes playlist folders on iOS, getting the related track feature also on iOS and what you said, Sergio, to see which other playlists a song is part of.

Not only that.
I have to go through my entire library and analyze all the Beat Grids when I get a new device.
This just does not make any sense.

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Also I propose above all at 80’s Funk weddings. With Rekordbox I adjusted the Beat Grid at the beginning to enter and then at the end to exit for convenience. I did this work on about 500 tracks. It takes a lot of patience but it can be done.

To have the same iTunes library on your computer on iOS just make an annual subscription to Itunes Match and you will find all the music and playlists identical to how you have them on your computer. Very convenient thing that you can make playlists from your phone.

From Itunes you can see in which playlists you have entered a song and if you want to enter the playlist of your interest.

I didn’t even know that. So if I change the device I have to redo all the Beat Grid work? Do I basically have to do all the work again? A lot of wasted time. Hallucinating.

Synchronisation works fine, but playlist folders won’t show up correctly in djay.

I’ve had to and still doing it since 2 weeks ago.
Seems easy, takes so long.

I understand. This is another problem to be solved.

Hallucinating. In a good way, I envy you all this great patience you have.