My Traktor S4MK2 controller failed-

Urgent-- Please help! :slight_smile: My Traktor S4MK2 controller failed- bought same exact model used and now have no output sound/headeadphone audio preview. I can play, loop, basic stuff that software sees and reflects but no audio outpu and says : please check your output routing, I have tried all options and nothing seems to work even though I can see audio signals in hardware and software channels. Note I am using a macbook pro on el capitan and was working flawlessly with my now damaged previous S4 mk2. Bought the used one exact same model but can’t get the audio. Am using Traktor Pro ver 2.11.2 11.

What audio settings do I need to do?

I checked software drivers and said i am up to date…does S4 need firmware or software update or ?

Is it because the serial number is from my damaged one and i need to enter new one?

Think its just a software setting or driver/firm ware issue but in need of guidance…

Would sincerely appreciate any and all help as I DJ every week and am losing work :frowning:

Thank you in advance


Hey @Goodgrief,

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For us to better assist you, it would be great if you could tell us, what djay version (number) you’re currently running on your Mac.

Also, could you please follow this guide on how to troubleshoot audio issues on your controller?
Controller Troubleshooting Guide
If your controller does not appear as an option under master/pre-cue output on the “Devices” section of the djay settings (⌘ + “,”), then you’ll need to ensure the driver is properly installed. The driver is necessary for your Mac to properly route the audio to your controller.

Also, it is also important that you run the latest Firmware version on your controller. You’ll find all the firmware and drivers from NI here:

Hope I could help. Let me know if the issue persists.

Cheers, G

Hi G, Thank you so much for your response, The problem I have is I see where the driver S4 mk2 is, but I don’t see the firmware update for my Traktor control S4 mk2, Tractor pro 2.11.211, Can you please direct me to a direct link ?? I would deeply appreciate it!

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