Native Instruments Audio 2 with iPad

Does the Native Instruments Audio 2 MK2 work with djay for iPad? If yes, is it possible to have the 2 stereo outs for Master and Cueing?


Hi - I use the Audio 2 MK2 with my iPad mini Retina and it works well with both with main out and cueing. The internal output of the iPad is not needed. Important though: Use the optional power-adapter for the soundcard for it prevents the iPad to go to sleep and by this killing the USB-Connection. If the connection is down, only a restart of the iPad will bring it back.

Hi Martin,

I’m afraid the Audio 2 mk2 can’t be used as a multi-channel audio interface. However, you can use it in combination with the built-in output.

Simply plug in your speakers to the sound card and your headphones directly to the iPad. In djay, under Settings > Audio Devices Setup, select:

Main Output: Audio 2 ch1-2
Pre-cueing: Headphones

By the way, yes, in this case you have stereo on both main and pre-cueing outputs.

IS this still fact???…