Native integration for DJ controllers

I am creating this thread and asking the Algoriddim community for help please.

Basically, I would like to hear about your experiences using Android devices in conjunction with the Djay app and DJ controllers.

It would be good if we could get a list going regarding android devices that have the ability to send audio to the headphone jack. In particular please let me know if you have a device that does work.

I will start the list with the devices I have tested. Please feel free to add any devices that you have tested.

Thanking you in advance for your time.


Samsung Note 10 plus 5g (precue not working)

Samsung Tab S7 plus (precue not working)

Sony Xperia Premium (precue not working)

Sony Xperia One (precue not working)

Sony Xperia 5 (precue not working)

Xiaomi Poco F3 (precue not working)

Samsung galaxy S22 (precue not working)

Nexus 9 (precue not working)

Samsung Galaxy S3 (precue not working)

One plus 7T (precue not working)

Sony Xperia Z5 Compact (precue not working)

Samsung Galaxy note 4 (precue not working)

HTC M8 (precue not working)

Samsung Tab S (precue not working)

Nvidia Shield Tablet (precue not working)

Samsung Galaxy S10+ (precue not working)

Xiaomi Mi9 (precue not working)

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE (precue not working)

Asus Android (precue not working)

LG Gpad x2 plus (precue not working)

I have the Tab s7 + I can confirm this works with the correct cable.

Which DJ controller are you using?

Algoriddim list these:

Pioneer DJ DDJ-200, Pioneer DJ DDJ-WeGO4, Pioneer
DDJ-WeGO3 I Reloop Mixtour Reloop Beatpad, Reloop Beatpad 2, Reloop Mixon4

as having native intergration on the android platform.

I have a Samsung Tab S7 plus and a reloop beatpad and can confirm that the headphone jack on the reloop beatpad does not work at all.

I used it with ddj 200 as a back up to my main unit. The ddj 200 does not have a built in audio interface, it uses a splitter cable. I now understand your issue properly as you have givem more information regarding your controller.

Ah, I see. So am I right in saying that the pioneer ddj 200 connects via bluetooth and then you are still able to use a splitter cable in the Tab S7s USB port?

The reloop beatpad requires a wired connection from my Tab S7 in order to work. Unfortunately the Tab S7 doesn’t have a headphone jack so the audio is automatically routed to the beatpad. There is then an issue where the pre-cue channel is routed to the master RCA output and not the headphone jack on the beatpad.

This means that it isn’t possible to preview the next track without the audience hearing it.

The set up is - Tab S7 → usb c hub → Traktor DJ splitter cable. You can then plug the the ddj200 into the hub. It also can be connected via bluetooth but this will cause latency and the mixer still needs power from another source in this case. Traktor cable → headphones → speakers. The usb hub has 3.5 audio out.


Ah, okay. I think that the audio is automatically routed to the controller but I will check to see if I can use a USB C adapter and route the audio to the 3.5mm jack.

Thank you for this information.

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I tried this method and unfortunately I cannot get the audio to output to the headphone jack.

I have pulled down the notification bar on my Tab S7 and clicked on “media output” but can’t select any of options from the list when my beatpad is connected.

I have even disconnected the beatpad, selected a different output and then connected the beatpad but as soon as I do this the audio is automatically redirected to the beatpad.

It’s all very frustrating because the audio is so quiet when connected to the beatpads RCAs to the point where it’s unusable. Yet the audio is loud when connected to the headphone jack.

I’m really not sure why there is such a difference in loudness between the two outputs.

I now need to find someway to disable the audio from being router to the beatpad and find a way to route it to the headphone port on the adapter that’s plugged into my tablet.

Ah, apparently RCAs are approximately 10dBs quieter than other outputs.

I’m going to try using the xlr outputs on my controller to see if I can regain some volume.

Well the XLRs don’t seem to be much louder.

I’ve just ordered a portable headphone amplifier

Hopefully this will work.

Wow, that little amplifier has solved my problem. I can now hear my headphones over the main speakers even when the volume is barely turned up. Definitely worth the £12 that I paid for it.