Native support for Pioneer XDJ-1000 MK2?

Please get this up soon. How is this the only model without mapping?? Can we expect an update anytime soon??

I’ve done it, it works but not like you would want. It’s like using a control that is just not configured correctly. Jog wheels are always off. Hot cues don’t work.

Hi, anything new on this?

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Me tooooooo please come on!!!


Come on Algoriddm! We need this!!

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Moi aussi ! J’attends avec impatience pour les MK2 !
Please Algoriddim ! find a solution :wink:

Really want to be able to use my XDJs… any updates??

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Implementation for the Mk2s would be good please

Hi, I just bought 2 x XDJ-1000 mk2’s, and a DJM-450 mixer. I’m gutted they are not working with DJ Pro, please help!! I have updated both DJ Pro for Mac and the firmware on the xdj 1000 mk2.

Is there any update on when they will be supported please? It seems that it is only the mk1 that is supported.

When I plug in via USB Link, DJ Pro recognises the XDJ-1000 mk2 and asks if I’d like to configure the MIDI settings on the device but this looks complicated and after trying I had no success.

Has anyone managed to configure the MIDI setting successfully, any more info would be very gratefully received! Thanks

I would also really appreciate an answer on this one?? I was really gutted that you don’t support the current XDJ (after buying them for use with DJ Pro) but if you intend to do so please could you let us know when?

I would be very glad to do any BETA testing for you guys if that’s possible?

Thank you x

Does the new DJ Pro 2 support the XDJ 1000’s MK2? Thanks

100% Agree!!


I feel you Alfred, the way compatibility is claimed with pioneer’s xdj line up is very misleading. I just bought the software for using it with my xdj 1000 mk2. When I learned that only the mk1 is supported I felt tricked and disappointed.

@Algoriddim: Please add that feature soon, it cannot be that difficult?

I would like to know that, too.

bump! XDJ-1000 Mk2 native support guys?? ETA??

Hi, would love to have this one as well. Or is there some effective way to map it? Please let me know, J

Hi, any news on this? Thanks

Hi, try to give us at least the ETA. Thanks!

It’s the only CDJ/XDJ not supported…PLEASE, can you give us an update? At least for future buyers that will know before and might switch to other CDJs