Native support or mapping for Pioneer DDJ-SR for Djay Pro?

Does someone have a mapping for a Pioneer DDJ-SR for Djay Pro? I can’t seem to get it to work with the Midi Learn feature. Would really appreciate it!

Can Algoriddim add native support for this controller please? I just upgraded from a DDJ-SB to an SR. I knew going in that it wasn’t natively supported. But honestly, it just seems silly that the cheaper controller is supported but the nicer more sophisticated one isn’t. I’m not expecting 1000% tight integration. But in many situations DJay is SOOO much more suitable to use than the other apps (respectfully not mentioned here.)

I love my DDJ-SR and I really like DJ Pro. Would really love to see them working together. For me it would make the perfect pair.

I just tried (logging in with email instead of FB) and had the same issue. I think if you temporarily change your Firefox settings to allow 3rd-party cookies, it will allow you to download the map. Right now, Firefox is clearing the cookies as soon as you log in, so it “forgets” that you’ve just logged in and refreshes the page.

Thanks, but I can’t seem to login to the website with my facebook? It keeps saying that I logged in but it doesn’t take me anywhere. Mac OS X Firefox

I am still unable to download this map. Please help!

Nope, enabling third-party cookies didn’t work either. Thanks for the try though. If anyone is able to download this, could you repost it to dropbox or something similar?


Adrian, could you please post this map somewhere that is accessible?

You may ask Scot, here:…

There’s no official mapping file, yet. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

Guys, we paid attention to your posts!

We’re happy to announce that djay Pro now natively supports the Pioneer DDJ-SR!

Get yourself the latest update of djay Pro at the Mac App Store and check it out!

Not working on safari either, would love this map!

Adrian could you please tell us when there is an official mapping coming? And if not provide a guideline on hw to configure it manually. I have a gig on Saturday and meet my DDJ SR up and running!

thank you!!!

Hi Peter Lind,

sorry to tell you but this is not possible.
We are only supporting iOS natively supported controllers.

Lukas E.

Hi Jey,

the SR 2 is not yet natively supported.

I added your post to our user request list.

Thank you for sharing.

Can i use the ipad djay pro app with my pioneer ddj-sr and wecai cable? Hope so

Does it work with the DDJ SR2?

I used PIONEER DDJ SB2 controller with djay pro algoriddim, now thinking to buy PIONEER DDJ SR2 controller. Will it natively support djay pro algoriddim??

Some one please advice!!!