Native Traktor Kontrol S8 supported from Mac?

Native Traktor Kontrol S8 supported from Mac?
I just both the Traktor control S8 and i’m About to connect it to the djaypro. It is supported if I use Mac computer? I just need to be able to use my apple playlist. I use more the Traktor for other reasons. I don’t need to have internet. Also idk if still a limitation with the internet and streaming services. I feel like it’s a great software but when it comes to perform in a venue honestly I never use it because I don’t wanna have the worst moment in a Dj set ( the sound of silence) I only use djaypro at home

Hi Carlito’sway,

Thank you for getting in touch.

So far the S8 is not natively supported.

I added your request to our user request list and want to thank you for sharing your feedback.

Cheers,Lukas E.