need a fine adjustment option for fader operations

i try to bring djay for ipad without any hardware consoles to larger sound systems. but in this process, it is getting difficult to adjust faders (eq, x-fader…). when you play with louder speakers, just 1mm eq movement is important to obtain fine sounds.
so i have an idea for this problem.
if we double tap and hold on a fader, i hope it change the fader to the fine adjustment mode temporary (with background color changed on fader).
it is really nice if we can have this option for the playing in front of larger audience.
and also if we can disable “double tap resets fader position” in preference, it would be nice. it is useful sometimes, but this also causes the operation errors sometimes and makes sound jumps. this doesnt matter when you play at home stereo but this is getting big error when you play loud with many audience.

thank you

Thanks for posting your idea.