Need DJAY AI to stay on the same playlists.

When using DJAY AI on my iPad sometimes I need to look at another app. Sometimes I go to the Tidal app to delete a song that is playing on djay ai. When i go to Tidal or any other app btw I come back and djay ai is no longer on the playlist I am djing from. By default it goes to ‘Tracks’. Does anyone know how to fix this? I turned off app refresh but that doesn’t affect this issue. I turned it back on and nothing changed. I have several playlists and it is really frustrating to try and find the playlist I was working with.
Thank you for any help.


This sounds like it might be the way iOS handles app switching, and could be device/spec related. What iOS device are you using?

Hi. I am using the iPad 6th generation. I also use djay ai on an iPad Air 2.

I’m guessing this could be a Tidal thing.
I do not have Tidal, I only use my own music via iTunes…
Tested, No issue with iTunes.
Good luck.

How are you switching between? Are you editing the playlists in TIDAL then getting it refreshed when you switch back to djay?

I apologize for not seeing this earlier. Basically I will simply be on a certain playlist then go to any other app on my iPad and when I come back I end up at the top of my playlists in favorites in in “tracks”. For instance I was typing my response to you and was going back and forth between here and djay ai and every time it leaves the playlist I’m using and puts me back at the top under favorites, track.
I appreciate any help.

Ah right. Can you grab a screen recording of how this happens to you? You can either share it here or email the support address and ATT to me.

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