Need help getting DN-HC 5000 controller to work with DJay 4.0 Algoriddim for my MacBook Pro! Please Help

I just bought a Denon DN-HC 5000 controller. It recognized the DJay program but nothing showed up on the controller and it wouldn’t play. It won’t even let me map out the controls. Please help cause I love the program and don’t want to use Serato.

Hi Keith,

As an experiment, please download the MIDI Monitor app and see if your controller sends MIDI messages at all.

But does it work with MIDI Monitor?

Ok sounds great ill give it a try and let you know. Thank you.

It works on Serato and Virtual DJ but not on the DJay program. LEt me know something else I can try. :slight_smile:

The MIDI Monitor app allowed it to map but still wouldn’t play any music of the controller. But when I shut DJay down and opened Serato or Virtual DJ it work perfectly. Gotta be something missing, I’m not sure.