Need Help Please - video problem

I am using a pioneer s9 mixer and i am unable to crossfade from deck a to deck b. The crossfader on the dj mixer has no effect. It does not transition - nada
what settings should i check

Hi @DJ_Bigmark,

Is this issue similar if not the same as one of your previous posts listed below?

If so, please let me know so that I can merge both threads together for better community management.

If not, please let me know in greater detail what you expected to happen when crossfading and what is actually happening? Thanks!

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It appears that you have to manually map the crossfader so you can mix the video files and music together. Looks like You can mix the audio from the video but the video was not transitioning when moving the crossfader. Algoriddim dropped the ball on this one

Hi @DJ_Bigmark,

Thanks for sharing your findings.

I will pass along your feedback to our dev team for further review.

Have a wonderful day!