Need Help with Issues with MIDI Mapping for Custom Controller?

Hello there,

I am having some trouble with MIDI mapping for my custom DJ controller; and I was hoping someone could help me out. I have been using djay Pro AI on my MacBook Pro (M1, 2021) and I have built my own MIDI controller using an Arduino board.

The controller works perfectly with other DJ software, but I am struggling to get it to work seamlessly with djay Pro AI.

Some of the buttons and knobs on my controller do not respond consistently. For instance, the play/pause button sometimes takes multiple presses to activate; and the volume knobs are either too sensitive or not sensitive enough.

When I try to use the MIDI Learn feature; not all of the controls are recognized. I have double-checked the MIDI signals being sent by my controller; and they appear to be correct.

After spending a lot of time configuring the mappings; I have noticed that djay Pro AI occasionally doesn’t save the changes. When I restart the software; some mappings revert to default settings.

There is noticeable latency when using my custom controller; which is not present when I use a standard MIDI controller. I have tried adjusting the audio buffer size and latency settings in the preferences; but it hasn’t made a significant difference.

Also, I have gone through this post; which definitely helped me out a lot.

Has anyone else experienced similar issues with custom MIDI controllers? Are there any specific settings or steps I might be missing to ensure better compatibility and performance? Any tips on optimizing the MIDI mapping process for djay Pro AI would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your help and assistance.

Hi @lizaclarr, I spoke with our engineering team and they suggested that you verify with a MIDI Monitor app like this one on Mac that correct MIDI messages are received from the device when they press buttons etc.

Hello! It’s been more than 10 days since my last reply. I’m going to consider this topic completed for now so I can focus on others. However, please feel free to respond and we can definitely revisit this. Thanks!