Network Connection Lost.

Every time I launch djay 2 I loose my mobile data and network connection. I then need to restart the phone to solve the problem.
Does anybody have any idea what to do to fix this? I wanted to use Spotify with the app but it means that it is impossible.

I just got an android tablet to use for djay 2 and when I start it, my wireless connection shuts off and is greyed out. When I enter settings, WiFi is on and searching and fining nothing, even though there are plenty of WAPs in my neighborhood… I turn WiFi off and then back on. Once authentication starts I use the back key and then djay 2 works with spotify. I don’t have mobile data on this device. I do not have this program on my android phone.
I thought it may be my device, but it only does it with this app; and now I kow others have this issue as well.

I was running KitKat as well. This was a brand new generic tablet, So I returned the tablet. I can still use Djay on my Android Jellybean phone.

Hi Jack, Hi Tim,

Which devices are you guys using? Which Android version do they run?

Ok, we’ll look into this immediately. Another question: does this happen every time you launch djay 2? Or only from time to time?

It’s an HTC one m7 with Android 5.0.2 any ideas would be great.

I have same problem, with the same phone

same problem same phone! i was actually sent a promotional email from Spotify saying “download Djay it seamlessly intergrates with Spotify!” and I thought oh sweet!

very nearly just bought the paid version as it was recommended by Spotify, obviously I won’t bother now, I have excellent internet connection, but surely this problem is gone by using Spotify in offline mode? There is obviously some level of cooperation between Spotify and Djay as I received an advertising email from Spotify so get offline mode working

Having issues as well but I have a jetpack, Turn it all runs for 30 min to an hour then when I click to load a song it will say check your wifi connection you are no longer on line, mean while I can see all my songs ect? It also shows that i am still online. I am using my mac book and the wego2 controller for specifics, What it the problem ? anyone.

Hello Adrian,

It seems to be every time. within in a half hour to an hour. I brought my jet pack to verizon to see if this could be the problem, I was assured it wasn’t and was told 2 dj’s that work there use it never have problems, they say it could be the software?


Could it be spotify???

Every time for me.

I have the same issue running Kit Kat on my tablet. I can launch the app but when I try to select a song from Spotify it shuts off the WiFi completely and tells me I need to be connected to access Spotify ??? The DJ app is shutting the connection??? I have to fully close down and restart to regain my WiFi. I have both fully paid versions of Spotify and the DJ2 app. I can use Spotify as normal but not with the DJ2

Having the same problem on Sony z tablet :frowning: Alltough wifi stays working but mobile connection and network gets totally lost. Any solutioNs available sofar?

I just purchased this app and I am having the same problem as Jack. Also using HTC One M7. Any work around or update on this?