Neural EQ Stems - tweaking

HI there - I’m new to the DJ AI on the MacBook and enjoying the opportunity to create acappellas and instrumentals on the fly. I would love the sound to be a little bit better. Not expecting miracles. I see that you can apply a single AU module to the final mix, correct? Any tips on a module that would allow me to beef up those stems created with Neural, particularly drum and bass stems.
Thanks, Paul

Hi @Paul_Brennan,

Glad to see you in our community once again!

While we currently do not officially suggest a particular AU plug-in for this use case - we encourage all of our users to test out djay in the most creative ways possible to find answers to questions like yours.

If you find a plug-in that works well in your opinion, feel free to share it in this thread for the rest of our community to see.

Have a nice day!

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