Neural Mix 2.0 Quality Levels FAQ

Hello everyone,

We just released 2 new FAQs regarding Neural Mix Quality levels for iOS and macOS devices:


this is helpful.
Thank you


I’m using the newest Ipad Pro and have noticed that there’s still a little bit of latency when dropping the beat/music and switching to just the vocals.

Not complaining at all, because the improvements in the stem separation is amazing and I’m sure it comes at a cost within the processing capabilities of any machine.

Great work on this update, I really appreciate all the hard work everyone has put in at Algoriddim.

@tony_foo_yong try switching your waveform display to split Neural Mix Tracks. This will force djay to analyze the STEMS immediately when loading the track and should eliminate that small delay required to calculate them on demand.


Thanks so much for this tip !

You’re welcome @tony_foo_yong

I just got home and updated Djay Pro to 5.04 on iOS, but I’m not seeing this option, is it for Mac only?

@tony_foo_yong switch to the Pro mode and close the Library and Mixer sections so that only the Deck 1 and 2 waveforms are visible on screen.

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