Neural Mix and Tidal don’t work together anymore

same here , i supposed need a new update from algoriddim some news around?


Thanks for the feedback everyone! There will be an announcement soon…


Genuinely excited by this! I’ve been using other streaming platforms to carry on with stems - they’ve not been great in terms of music section!

I’m happy to pay extra for this feature;

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The question now is will Apple want to compete here and offer stems with Apple Music? I’m thinking yes, since the Neural Mix feature is named after the Neural Engine chip in Apple devices, and they’ll want one of their “darling” apps Djay to showcase that. Especially with Apple announcing new AI related things in the near future, I think they’ll really want to highlight their on device AI as opposed to the cloud (how ChatGPT, ect works)

I’m not firing up Soundiiz/Tunemymusic to start syncing my Apple Music library back to Tidal just yet :wink:


I just prefer Tidal, sounds better and when converting from Beatport, Beatsource etc, just way more accurate. My family subscribe to Apple Music anyways but with Tidal I can stop my Beatport and SoundCloud subs. Just having Tidal will save me a few £ as well. I managed to get Tidal and DJ extension for £19.99. Happy with that.

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I wish streaming services would add the ability to directly purchase-download tracks. Even better, if we could purchase-download inside DJ software. As much as I dislike Apple Music, at least they got that (partially) right.

Tidal did once have a store, but it closed in late 2022. I guess not enough people were using it.

Beatport/source of course started as places to buy music, and still have that option.


please bring tidal stems back! Serato and VDJ has stems now. Please bring it back!! Thank you!

Since all the Deezer requests are locked, I’ll bump the fact that it still delivers stems for normal pricing in addition to an even bigger music catalog than Tidal.

Please add support in DJAY.

There’s no such thing. Depending on which streaming service you use, and which features you’d like, prices vary. The same applies to DJ pools (where you actually get to keep the files). Prices vary between services and feature level.

Tidal for example have integration with both DJ software and hardware. Deezer do not.

Tidal also introduced offline storage for DJ accounts. Deezer don’t do that either.

Hi @Mister_Tuur, I reopened the Deezer topic. In the future, you can send me a DM to reopen any topic that gets automatically closed due to inactivity. Thanks!

Since Deezer works fine with VDJ it does. Obviously it has little to do with Tidal, but with the apps that support it.

Oh. And I don’t really care for offline storage, especially for an additional cost. I suspect that would be the case for a ton of other users.

And just to clarify for you, with normal I meant ‘no markup for DJs’.

@Mister_Tuur and @PKtheDJ let’s please keep this civilized and on topic.Thanks!

Discussing Tidal in a thread about Tidal was “off topic”? :man_shrugging:

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You can do that now. I’ve just loaded a track from Apple Music and one from Tidal.

The update is here - it’s great that it’s working again. And apparently also without the DJ add-on, as long as the current billing period is still running.

Why do I get this message?

Neural mix requires Tidal DJ extension

I have the Tidal DJ extension subscription

If you haven’t tried this yet, log out of Tidal, restart Djay Pro and log back in to Tidal with your login details. Also check your Tidal account again to see if the DJ extension is actually active. Maybe that will help.

Hi @illya_kroon, please use search before creating new topics. I’ve merged yours with this existing one.

  1. Log out of TIDAL from within djay.
  2. Close djay.
  3. Log out of all TIDAL Apps (including phones/tablets) and web browsers.
  4. Ensure that you are running the latest version of djay downloaded from the official Microsoft App Store.
  5. Restart your laptop.
  6. Launch djay, log back into your TIDAL account within djay only and try again.