Neural Mix and Tidal don’t work together anymore

Terrified by this message. Neural Mix feature does not apply to Tidal anymore, due to licensing changes. Now what?


@Nathanvos this doesn’t sound good. Can you please confirm that you have an active djay Pro AI subscription along with active Tidal subscription? Also, what version of djay and MacOS are you running?

Oh yeah. Both paid and all. I am truly worried and wonder if you get this message too. If not, maybe it’s a thing that I am in The Netherlands…
Tx 4 asking

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Thanks for confirming @Nathanvos. I don’t have a Tidal subscription, but I tested it with Beatport LINK and djay Pro AI 4.1.9 on iPadOS 16.5.1(c) and it’s working with that combination at least.

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Djay 4.1.10 and OS 16.7

There seems to be a bunch of changes going on at Tidal recently so hopefully this is just a glitch or temporary situation.

@Nathanvos have you tried submitting a support ticket with Tidal and sharing the error message?

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Yeah I did. Hope it’s a glitch

It works fine on my MacBook


It’s not a bug. Tidal no longer allows stem separation in djay. Looks like this is only happening in Europe, at least for now.

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sure…really bad… yesterday I was like normal… and today not work anymore Djay PRO 4.1.10 OS 10.15 South America
that the reason why I bought that software the NEURAL with TIDAL at first time :rage: hoping they fix that… otherwise not have sent anymore


how do you create that ticket ? THANKS !!!. link ?

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@Jorge_Moreno Tidal support page:

You can submit a request at the bottom.

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I appreciate it… bro txs

Looks like not only djay Pro AI being affected:

Looks like DJUCED as well:

So if I bypass European servers I might have a chance?

This really needs to not be true as Spotify previously went and now tidal by the looks of it

I’ve invested time and money across the app and streaming service

Can we have some official response at least to let us know what’s going on please?


Not sure, I’m guessing it’s more tied to the region your App Store is tied to than your IP not sure yet

Well, that would be really crap.

I’m in Germany, just checked the iPad and Mac (both 4.1.10). For now no probs.

It’s probably the records companies. Well, in that case we need updates to allow VST plugins on separate channels and wait for devs to come up with ‘stand-alone’ solutions like the one I’ve posted last week.