“Neural Mix Cannot Be Used When Streaming From Apple Music” when using EQ knobs

Like the title says, I’m having this issue anytime I turn the Eq knobs and I get that annoying pop up message (that thing really needs to go away ASAP, one popup at startup would be sufficient as it gets in the way when you’re busy at a club mixing)
Also, the eq knob doesn’t work after I get the Apple message
I’m using the latest version on a brand new iPad Pro

I assume you are using a controller. If this message keeps appearing when you use the EQ, the Neural Mix control is permanently activated. Have a look at the mapping of the controller to see if the toggle is stored somewhere. Perhaps you have activated it by mistake.

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@tony_foo_yong, make sure your EQs in the user interface are not set to Neural Mix EQ

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That was my first thought also, but after a thorough search it wasn’t activated accidentally on the controller.
I wound up just deleting the app bc I noticed there was another small update and I had a hunch that said update would remove that apple/neural mix notification and I was correct :grinning:

I never thought of that, I had been doing an extensive custom mapping and then pored over every mapping extensively looking for a possibility.

You are truly such an asset to Algoriddim & the Djay Pro community, I sincerely hope that the company realizes this and is compensating you accordingly!

Thanks for all the hard work & dedication you put in Slak_Jaw.

You’re welcome @tony_foo_yong! Happy to help. Thank you for the praise. I really appreciate it!

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