Neural Mix Crossfader (4-Channel)

Hello! I’m in the process of mapping out a Midi Fighter Twister with Djay Pro AI 4.1.10 for Mac. I noticed that there is no option to map the 4 channel Neural mix crossfader. I can map the 2 or 3 channel crossfader, but with the Twister I thought it would be nice to have the extra channel (drums - bass - harmonics - vocals). Has anyone been able to map the 4 channel Neural Mix crossfader?

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@DjDeeG currently, there are no MIDI commands for Neural Mix Crossfader (4ch). However, if you want control of all 4 STEMs you might want to consider Neural Mix Volume (4ch) or Neural Mix EQ (4ch). I’ve successfully mapped these on a Midi Fighter Twister before.

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Thank you for sharing Slak_Jaw. I’m going to map the 4 channel volumes and add the mute to the push buttons.

You’re welcome @DjDeeG

I found myself rethinking this again and here’s what I came up with…
I mapped the 4 channel neutral mix volume for drums, bass, harmonics, & vocals on deck 1 to 4 separate knobs on my midi device. I duplicated the map and change it to deck 2. Then I checked the invert option for each channel. I still have to to figure out how to trigger the main crossfader to the middle position. I suppose I could piggy-back it off the knobs. I’ll have to experiment with that.
But there you go 4-Channel Neural Mix Crossfaders


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