Neural Mix CrossFader FX on Windows


I have a pro subscription. And latest version for Windows 5.x.

Why isnt there a Neural Mix options on my Windows version on the CrossFader, like on my Iphone 13?


djay Pro 5 has only been released on Apple products (macOS and iOS).

Not true my friend. There is a Windows release for 5.x

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Yes there it is. Thanks for pointing this out.

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Hi @Jobol_Bojol, can you please share some screen shots to help illustrate the missing options? Can you please provide some details about your computer specs and Windows version as well? Thanks!

Hello again @Jobol_Bojol, I have confirmed with the engineering team that the Neural Mix options for the Crossfader FX are only available on M1 Apple Macs and newer iOS devices with certain bionic chip sets. These tools require specific computations not possible in Intel based devices.

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That is a real shame though :frowning:

I am pretty sure you can implement the algos on Intel CPUz.

Unfortunately, Intel CPUs do not have a Neural Processing Unit (NPU), so the higher performance Neural Mix features will be more difficult to do on Intel for the time being. It’s not so much a better/faster processor, but a different CPU architecture - optimized for this type of computation.

Currently on Apple Silicon, it looks like the minimum requirement for the full performance is an A13 Bionic or M1 chip.

I know the Apple eco system isn’t for everyone but for what a used relatively new iPad costs these days, I would be ditching the windows or Android for one

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FYI Atomix (VirtualDJ) use the GPU processing power to provide realtime high quality stem separation on Windows PCs.

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