Neural Mix Delay

When I press Neural it takes sometimes 8 bars before it actually activates?
Using iPad Pro 12.9 4th gen

Hi @Aaron_Levine,

Depending on the processing power of your device, the stem separation may take more or less time. The first time you enable Neural Mix (on any device), the stem separation will take place.

If it is important for your mix to activate it quickly, we recommend activating NM once when you first load the song on a deck so the separated tracks can be cached. This pre-caching is also recommended when using Cue-Points.

I have iPad Pro 12.9 4th gen (latest) … Maybe an option to pre cache library in advance?

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I would also love that. Or an option to do it on every track load.

I have noticed this as well…
The workaround is to activate one of the Neural Mix stems every time I load a song before playing it…
Doing this activates the Neural Mix instantly but trying whilst it’s playing live presents the delay…
I have an iPad 6th Gen…
I have been considering upgrading to the latest iPad which has a faster chip to see if that helps…

I‘m on an iPad Air 4th gen with an A14 and this problem is still present there. It got a lot better but it’s not completely gone.

Thanks Joe for clarifying that…It’s amazing how memory hungry the App is!

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