Neural mix EQ don't kill bass anymore

Before i was using djay Pro 5.0.2 and when i killed my Neural Mix Drums EQ i was also killing the bass but i updated to 5.1.3 and now i can’t properly isolate the acapella of my track when i create live mashup. How to get my old Drums and Bass Neural mix EQ again ??

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  • Device model (MacBook Air):
  • Version of operating system (macOS 11.1):
  • Version of djay (5.1.3):
  • Hardware/controllers used (FLX6):

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Hi @Joshssn, are your EQs in djay set to Normal or Neural Mix? If you could share some screenshots to help illustrate the issue, that would be great. Thanks!

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It was set to Neural Mix and I found the solution. In fact I selected 4 channels eq on the neural mix and when I killed the drums and the harmonics, the bass wasn’t killed but I switched back to 3 channels (voice, harmonics and drums) but nothing changed. I restarted the app after setting it up to 3 channels and all went good again.

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Okay great. Thanks for the follow up!

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