Neural Mix for Mac Desktop - How do I get the key to appear in the playlist column


I’m using the Neural Mix app for Mac and since there are no user manual, I’m struggling to know why I can’t see the key of the songs in the playlist column.

I see it in the player when I upload it but not on the playlist space and I can’t see any way to put it manually.

Is there a way to see the key (and BPM) in every song on the playlist?


Hey can you link me the neural mix app?

There you go: Neural Mix™ Pro for Mac by Algoriddim

Hi @DJ2D2,

Welcome to the algoriddim Community Forums and sorry for the delayed response.

You can choose which columns show in your playlist view by right-clicking on the title bar for the columns, then selecting (or deselecting) the columns you wish to see. See the below screenshot for where to find these areas of the playlist view:

Hope that helps. :slightly_smiling_face: Please let me know if you have any other questions!

Hi Emily, thank you for the response.

I’m sorry English is not my first language and I didn’t make the right question.

Taking your screenshot as example:

I can see that “Sail” is 119.0 BPM and the key is Ebm on the player window but that same value is missing from the playlist column view.

I tried to figure out if I can write the values in the column myself but I can’t.

Is there any way?

Thank you.

Hi again,

No worries at all, sorry for my misunderstanding of the problem. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve double-checked this behavior in Neural Mix Pro and you’re absolutely correct about the BPM and key not showing even after playing the track in the player. I’ve reported this to our Development Team and they are investigating the issue as this shouldn’t be the case. I’m going to move this topic over to the “Bug Reports” category as well as that’s a better fit for the issue.

Thanks a lot for bringing this to our attention. I’ll keep you posted as soon as I have any updates about this.

It’s been two months, any news?


Hi @DJ2D2,

Thanks for checking in about this again and my sincere apologies for the delayed response.

I’ve checked with our development team, and they are still investigating this issue. I’ll keep you updated here as soon as I have any other news. Thank you for your patience in the meantime.

Hi, it’s been 6 months now…


Thanks for checking in about this again. I’ve pushed this again internally with our team, and while I won’t be able to provide a definite timeline, this is currently in the works for a future update to Neural Mix Pro. I’ll keep you posted here when I have more news.

:mega: Hi there, Just wanted to let you know that this issue has been fixed with the latest update to Neural Mix Pro for Mac (version 1.1). Please update your app when you get a chance on the Mac App Store.

Thanks for your patience, and have a great day! :headphones:

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