Neural Mix is slow to start

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start a track from Tidal.
  2. Make any adjustment in Neural Mix.
    Notice → It takes a second or two for it to make the change. It also seems like the waveform takes a second or two to catch up with the initial change. Once any Neural Mix action has been made in a track, the subsequent ones happen more quickly. But then on a new track, the same issues happen.

Using a 2015 Macbook Pro with i5 Processor, 8 GB of Ram. MacOS 12.5.1, djay pro ai 4.0.6

This could be your problem. I’m pretty sure Algoriddim recommends higher specs for the best experience with Neural Mix. I tried checking the website just now, but it appears to be down. I know for iOS devices, they recommend the Apple Bionic chipsets with Neural Engine processors.

In my experience on my older devices, I simply had to give streaming tracks some additional time after fully rendering the waveform before using Neural Mix functions. Also you might want to try the split 3 STEMS waveform display on your Mac. This forces Djay to pre-calculate the STEMS information. It might make your Neural Mix experience more smooth.

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I do wonder if that means a cheaper or used iOS device with the Bionic Chipset will outperform my current laptop, at least in this situation?

Just gave that a shot and it seems to work much better for me, thank you!


You’re welcome! I’m pretty sure they recommend an M1 Mac for Neural Mix.

I have both an M1 MacBook Air and an iPad Air 4. Honestly I prefer DJing on the iPad.

I can also attest to that using a more powerful device, helps Neural mix perform better/quicker…

My iPad Gen 5 has noticeable lag when initiating Neural mix However my Gen 9 iPad is instant…

Hello @Alixe ,

Thanks for reaching out about this here in the Community.

Just like @Slak_Jaw and @maurizio_T stated, you’ll make the most of the djay Pro AI and Neural Mix experience with a more powerful machine.

In fact, djay Pro AI for Mac was built with the aim to harness the power of Apple’s M1 chip.

For now, you can also try lowering the streaming quality of your Tidal music library while using it with the Neural Mix feature on djay: that should lift some weight off of the system.

Hope you’ll find this info helpful. Have a nice day!

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