Neural mix killer feature idea : scratch on vocal only without duplicate VOCAL STEM on another deck

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I here a Killer feature that Rekordbox or Birtual Dj can’t do :slight_smile:

With Neural MIX you can apply FX only on VOCAL , DRUMS or others…

but better :slight_smile:

why don’t use NEURAL MIX to choose the SCRATCH jog effects only on VOCAL or others, without the need of instant doubles stems or duplicate vocal in other deck…

So just add check box and midi mappable command or keyboard:

SCRATCH and JOG apply only : ALL - or VOCAL - or DRUMS - or -BASS - or others

it’s will be a killer NEURAL FIX feature without the neeed tu duplicate parts on other decks to scratch only on vocal for example.

(See my custom FLX10 mapping that allow instant double scratch on vocal only but you need another free deck)



Great idea! Thanks for the suggestion @Olivier_Frappier. I’ll forward this to the dev team for consideration.

I don’t see how that could possibly work. The stems are coming from one file, so if you manipulate the vocal stem from the file, of course it will affect playback of the entire file. That’s why the duplication is required.

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It’s work with my FLX10 mapping IN DJAY PRO but with instant double and just use slip mode in the two deck and it’s owrk lol

you are negative, always.

If it’s it’s possible in Rekordbox, VirtualDj , Serato, DJAY POR with my midi mapping with two deck a,d slip mode, so it could work with internal NEURAL mix that’s is already used.

Just SLIP mode… in VOCAL deck and slip mode in others stems deck.

With my FLX10 DJAY Mapping (see my custom mapping in this forum) it work the same in DJAY PRO + FLX10, with SLIP mode.

a lot of work in my midi mapping…

so it could work with one track in internal NEURAL mix and internal buffer slip mode in each stems

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Yes I know it works if you have the track doubled - but you said you want it to work without doubling.

It’s possible as NEURAL MIX is already internally split for stems FX. Just add a buffer slip mode in each internal stems and apply jogs only to one Stems.

You say always it’s not possible at each of my post.

I’ve made a FLX10 mapping for the community and i want just share ideas. Not fighting.


Olivier F.

If that’s true, why has no DJ software or hardware done that? The process always involves another deck.

Hi @PKtheDJ, please let’s try to keep the conversation positive here. Everyone is free to share their ideas regardless of the feasibility. Thanks.

That’s not clear to me, I couldn’t follow up…

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